Information For Readers

Research Studies in English Language Teaching and Learning (RSELTL) is an academic journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research articles, literature reviews, and case studies related to the teaching and learning of English as a second or foreign language in different contexts around the world. The journal seeks to promote and disseminate innovative and effective teaching and learning practices, theories, and methodologies that enhance students' language proficiency and communication skills.

RSELTL is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes articles in English from a wide range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. The journal welcomes submissions from researchers, scholars, and practitioners in the field of English language teaching and learning, including classroom teachers, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, and policymakers.

The scope of RSELTL is broad and inclusive, covering various topics related to ELT, including but not limited to:

  1. English language teaching methodologies, approaches, and techniques
  2. Second language acquisition and learning theories
  3. English as a foreign language (EFL)
  4. English as a second language (ESL)
  5. Curriculum and syllabus design and evaluation
  6. Assessment and testing in ELT
  7. Teacher training, development, and professionalization
  8. Use of technology in ELT
  9. Multilingualism, multiculturalism, and diversity in ELT
  10. English for specific purposes (ESP) and academic purposes (EAP)
  11. English as a lingua franca (ELF) and world Englishes
  12. English language policy and planning
  13. English language proficiency standards and frameworks
  14. Cross-cultural communication and intercultural competence development
  15. Critical language pedagogy and social justice in ELT

RSELT publishes two issues per year, in June and December, and accepts submissions throughout the year. The journal's editorial board consists of distinguished scholars and experts in the field of English language teaching and learning from different parts of the world.

By publishing research that informs practice, RSELTL aims to contribute to the development of more effective and engaging English language teaching and learning practices around the world. The journal is an important resource for researchers, educators, and policymakers who are interested in advancing the field of English language teaching and learning.