Repository policies for authors

Our journal, committed to the principles of open access and digital dissemination, publishes articles exclusively online. This approach ensures that all articles are freely available to read, download, and share immediately upon publication, aligning with our goal to enhance scholarly communication across the global academic community.

Pre-print and Post-print Archiving Policies

We encourage authors to archive pre-print versions (manuscripts submitted before peer review) and post-print versions (the final draft post-review) of their articles. The archiving of pre-prints allows for the swift dissemination of research findings, while post-prints offer access to the peer-reviewed and accepted manuscript. This policy is designed to foster the early exchange of research and contribute to the ongoing scholarly dialogue.

Publisher's Version Archiving Policy

As an online-only journal, we permit authors to archive the published version of their articles without restrictions. This policy aims to support the widespread dissemination of knowledge while upholding the integrity of the published record. Authors are encouraged to provide a link back to the article on our journal's website, ensuring that readers have access to the official version and facilitating consistent citation practices.

No Embargo Periods

Reflecting our commitment to open access, there are no embargo periods for the archiving of the published version of articles. Authors are encouraged to share the published article on any platform of their choice, including personal and institutional repositories, immediately after publication. This policy ensures that research is accessible without delay, supporting our mission to provide unrestricted access to scholarly work.

Conditions of Deposit

To support the integrity of the scholarly record and ensure that the definitive version of the work is accessible, we request that all archived versions of the article include a proper citation and a link back to the published version on our website. Such practices are crucial for directing readers to the most accurate and complete version of the research.

These policies are designed to promote the maximum dissemination and impact of work published in our journal. By facilitating open access and responsible archiving, we aim to advance scholarly communication and ensure that research findings are readily accessible to the wider academic and public audiences.