About the Journal

Research Studies in English Language Teaching and Learning" (RSELTL), a scholarly journal published by Pierre Online Publications LTDĀ®, sets a high standard in the academic field with its rigorous double-blind peer review procedure. It primarily delves into the intricacies of English language teaching and learning, drawing on linguistics studies. RSELTL provides an open platform for researchers, educators, and linguists, enabling them to share their research outcomes, innovative concepts, and commendable practices concerning the design and execution of linguistics programs and curricula.

Covering a broad spectrum of subjects relevant to English learning and teaching-related linguistics, RSELTL features various aspects like second language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, language policy and planning, multilingual education, technology in language instruction, teacher training, professional development, assessment, curriculum design, material development, and issues concerning learner identity and motivation. The journal accommodates a myriad of academic pieces, from original research and comprehensive reviews to enlightening case studies, with occasional book reviews and interviews.

Serving as an essential tool for educators, researchers, and linguists, RSELTL helps broaden their comprehension of the complex relationship between English language teaching and learning globally. The journal thoroughly investigates current trends, effective methodologies, and creative approaches in this dynamic field, promoting a sharing culture of ideas, expertise, and knowledge among contributors and readers to build a thriving academic community.

With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in academic publishing, RSELTL strongly invites contributions from worldwide scholars and practitioners, representing varied backgrounds, perspectives, and research interests. Currently, the journal operates exclusively on its user-friendly online platform, offering easy access to both readers and contributors. RSELTL's goal is to continuously contribute to the progress and enhancement of the global English language teaching and learning community by providing an all-encompassing and easily accessible resource.

Pierre Online Publications LTDĀ® is registered at 124 Edge Lane, Merseyside, L7 5NA, United Kingdom with Registration Number 15016085. The company is Registered In England and Wales.