Open Access Policy

Research Studies in English Language Teaching and Learning (RSELTL) is committed to providing its readers with free and open access to high-quality research. This page offers a summary of the Open Access Policy utilised by RSELTL.

Open Access Policy: RSELTL follows an Open Access Policy, ensuring that all articles published in the journal are freely available online without the requirement for subscription fees or paywalls. The journal utilises a Creative Commons licence, allowing authors to maintain the copyright of their work whilst granting others the permission to distribute, remix, and build upon the work, as long as appropriate attribution is provided. This Open Access Policy aids in the wider dissemination of research, making it accessible to a global audience, including researchers, practitioners, and the wider public. Furthermore, it provides a platform for authors to reach a broader readership, thus increasing the visibility and impact of their work.

Benefits of Open Access: The Open Access Policy of RSELTL offers numerous benefits for both authors and readers. For authors, it guarantees that their work is exposed to a larger audience, enhancing the visibility and influence of their research. It also encourages greater collaboration and innovation, as it permits others to build upon the work and develop new ideas.

For readers, Open Access means that research is immediately accessible, allowing for a broader dissemination of knowledge. It offers opportunities for those who may not have access to paid subscriptions or academic libraries to access the latest research, which could significantly affect their own research and practice. Open Access promotes a more equitable and inclusive academic environment by removing financial barriers that might restrict access to the latest research. By adopting Open Access, RSELTL supports the democratisation of knowledge and encourages a more interconnected and diverse global community of scholars, practitioners, and knowledge seekers.