Enhancing English Speaking Proficiency through Group Discussions


  • Raden Cempaka Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia




Group discussions, speaking proficiency, English language learning, communicative competence, quantitative research, language fluency


The purpose of the following study to discuss the group discussion and its influence on improving the English speaking skills amongst the university students. Evidence from the study goes on to demonstrate that speaking English is the most difficult yet crucial component of learning the language, particularly in a non-native context. The question at hand in this research pertains to whether structured group discussions effectively improve the spoken English skills among students. The issue is, therefore, relevant; the need for such practice to happen in academic settings amongst students who can speak English effectively. The study used a quantitative pre-test/post-test design for the evaluation of improvement before and after intervention by implementing group discussions. Findings reported significant improvements in students' speaking fluency, accuracy, and confidence. This finding implies that the language learning curricula should be designed and taught complete with the group discussions on topics of relevance to learners. This would be a better vehicle for the development of speaking proficiency in English.




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Cempaka, R. (2024). Enhancing English Speaking Proficiency through Group Discussions. Research Studies in English Language Teaching and Learning, 2(3), 162–174. https://doi.org/10.62583/rseltl.v2i3.49