Adoption of DOI through CrossRef by the Research Studies in English Teaching and Learning Journal


We are delighted to announce a significant enhancement to the Research Studies in English Teaching and Learning (RSELTL) journal. In our continuous effort to enhance the visibility, accessibility, and impact of the research published with us, RSELTL has now integrated Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) through CrossRef for all articles published within our journal.

This advancement signifies our commitment to the highest standards of scholarly publishing. DOIs are unique alphanumeric strings assigned to each published article, providing a persistent link to its location on the internet. This facilitates easier access, citation, and ensures the long-term retrievability of the scholarly work. Through the integration with CrossRef, a well-regarded organisation that provides infrastructure services for scholarly publishing, our journal articles are now more interconnected with the global network of scholarly research, enhancing discoverability and enabling wider dissemination of the research works.
The implementation of DOIs through CrossRef also aligns with our journal’s dedication to maintaining the integrity and reliability of the academic record. It ensures that each piece of research can be accurately cited and referenced, fostering trust and confidence in the scholarship we publish.

Authors publishing with the Research Studies in English Teaching and Learning journal will benefit from immediate recognition of their research through an established and globally recognised digital infrastructure. Readers, researchers, and scholars across the globe can now access the articles published in our journal with greater ease, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of English teaching and learning.
We are excited about this new chapter in our journal's history and look forward to continuing to serve our community of educators, researchers, and scholars with enhanced resources and support.